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Photoshop Tip #4: How do I make arrows in Photoshop?
12 bad website practices to avoid
14 killer web design and development tools for the Mac
15 Awesome web design & development sites you should know about
2008 year of the smartphone
28 Weeks later
3 easy methods to create dotted or dashed lines in Photoshop
A Canadian alternative to iPhone?
A Google Android Phone is on the way: HTC Dream
A great new toy – The Blade CX helicopter!
A message to the parasitic individuals of the web
A new passion and a new blog
Adium spam comments
Adobe Acrobat.com launched
Adobe Bridge underappreciated?
Adobe CS5: countdown to release date
Adobe has a del.icio.us site, and it’s huge!
Adobe launches Photoshop Express
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and no Image Ready? Animated GIF’s Part II
Adobe Photoshop CS3 and no Image Ready? No animated GIF’s either?
Adobe Photoshop CS4 release date and wish list
Adobe Photoshop CS4: Blurry edges with the Rectangle Tool
Adobe Photoshop CS4: Disabling document tabs
Adobe Photoshop CS4: Still no animated GIFs? Part III
An addictive little iPhone game call Lux Touch
Anchor links in Gmail and email newsletters
Android Android Android!
everyone’s talking about Android

Another cool smart phone — HTC Touch Diamond
Another inane idea, more physical media!
Apple developing a Wiimote game controler?
Apple iPhone, more news than actual interest?
Apple recalls iPhone power adapters
Apple WWDC keynote
Apple’s Let’s Rock media event
Apple’s new brick laptop to be announced tomorrow?
Asus Eee Stick game controller and Wii like pointing devices
Bad usability – how to notice it on your site
Become a power surfer, some web browsing quick tips
Bell Canada, a company that just doesn’t care
Bell Canada, new logo, same bad customer service
Bell undercuts Rogers iPhone plans for Samsung Instinct
Bespin, web design in the cloud
Blackberry Bold in Canada July 29?
Blackberry Bold in Canada soon
Blanket rules
Blog redesign
Blog redesign, take 2
Blurry Guides in Photoshop CS5
Boxee Box, my new favourite toy
Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare
Call of Duty 4 dethrones Halo 3
Call of Duty: World at War debut trailer
Canadian iPhones in short supply
Canadians ranting about Rogers?
How about supporting bill C-555

Choosing the wrong web browser
City 7: Toronto Conflict
Clearing the jQuery animation queue
Click Here!
Copyright protection scripts: What are you thinking!
Could your Gmail account get hacked?
Crackdown, possibly one of the funniest games I’ve played in years
Create a custom iPhone icon for your website
Creating email newsletter margins with tables
Creating OFT templates for Outlook 2010
Creating simple pure CSS buttons
Creating subdomains and custom server names with MAMP
CSS tip, declare your font family once
Custom 404 error messages and how NOT to do them
Dahon fold up bike
Death of the Middle Click?
Diablo 3 announced
Diary of the Dead
Do your email newsletters look right in Gmail?
Document formats like odt and docx and what to do when they won’t open
Doing JavaScript pop-up windows the right way
Duke Nukem Forever (and Ever)
Duke Nukem Forever video?
Earth Hour – Tomorrow
Electronic faucets, toilets and showers
Email html design and deployment quick tips
Email newsletters in Lotus Notes and table width
Eternal Sonata Review
Eternal Sonata revisited
Extended Warranties and the hard sell
Facebook Development: breaking the application canvas with iFrames
Facebook was redesigned and you don’t like it – Get over it!
Firebug for IE
Firefox – some website images do not load
Firefox 3 Download Day 2008
Firefox 3 Launch Party Video
Firefox Download day is June 17th, mark your calendar
Firefox Launch Party photos
First post
Flight Control, another great little iPhone game
Free WordPress theme – Deep Red
Fun with Photoshop: The liquify filter
Galcon Labs: The sequel to Galcon and the next must have iPhone game
Geeks In Training officially launched
Give me Android, Give me “commitment to openness” – Google gets it!
Give me full RSS feeds!
Google Android, HTC, and custom user interfaces
Google Chrome – first impressions are the most important
Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Google iPhone reader refomats my web pages
Google Maps api and iPad/iPhone zoom and scale issues when orientation is changed
Google to launch a web browser – Chrome is here
Gravatars, what are they and how do I get one?
GTA 4 unknown contact bug fix
GTA IV – Does it live up to the hype?
GTA IV episode coming in early 2009
Halo 3 Review
Havoc Heli
How to center Google AdSense ads
How to clone / duplicate a VirtualBox VM on Mac OS X
How to fix floated images and list overlap
How to transfer your itunes library to another computer
How to use Drush with Drupal
How to write super clean CSS
Huminized and Enso
I love Twitter but I have a secret pet peeve
IE6 is dead! … No really, I mean it this time!
IE6 specific CSS
IE8 will interpret web content in a standards compliant way
Illustrator crashes when saving anything!
iMac OS X wifi issues finally solved
Internet Explorer 6 and redirected anchor links
iPhone coming to Canada… Finally!
iPhone in Canada, When!
iPhone or Eee PC?
Is wireless charging the future?
jQuery and Fancybox: How to automatically set the height of an iframe lightbox
jQuery really can change the way that you write JavaScript!
jQuery validator plugin – custom method for postal code validation
jQuery: How to get links to work in toggled or dynamic content
Leaving Windows Vista behind — the return to Windows XP
Mac OS X tip: Why can’t I free up space on my USB drive?
MeeMix Internet radio – a social music site that learns
Microsoft offers .6-Billion for Yahoo
Microsoft’s second ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld a hit?
Migrating from IIS to Apache and dealing with broken links and images
Moving your Drupal site and breaking all the links
My newest website
Neato site of the month – The Steampunk Workshop
New 3G iPhone will be announced on June 9th?
New BlackBerry announced
New Fido logo, website and plans? No system access fee either!
New search engine Cuil is underwhelming
Nintendo DS Lite
One of my favourite ugly sites gets a redesign: Delcious
One of the most addictive iPhone games to date?
Open external links in a new window in one line of jQuery
Open Source software — love it and do it right
Openmoko Neo FreeRunner
Outlook — creating OFT files for email newsletters
Outlook 2007 – When is 200 pixels not 200 pixels? Spacer gifs
Outlook 2007 borders and 1px padding on table cells!
Outlook 2007 losing font-family declaration
Outlook 2007, inline styles, and links
Outlook email newsletters and the AutoPreview pane
Overlord game review
Philanthropy in Kenya
Photoshop Smart Objects: How and when to use them
Photoshop Tip #1: Smart objects and layer masks
Photoshop Tip #2: border keyline / stroke
Photoshop Tip #3: Bullets in Photoshop
Photoshop tip: Duplicating Smart Objects
Phytosphere book review
Poverty, we can make a difference – Blog Action Day 2008
Protopage Mobile goes live
Quick! Stop writing your blog, it’s so 2004
Redesign of ianhoar.com
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Robots! A real one, and a not so real one
Rogers 3G iPhone network is one of the fastest in the world?
Rogers iPhone data plan
Rogers iPhone teaser now up
Rogers to offer 6 gig plan for dollars until August 31st
Rogers totally underwhelms with iPhone plans
Rogers website finally shows iPhone
Rogers, Bell, Telus, you’ve got competition, and soon!
Sad tab in Google Chrome
Scrabulous is back! Well sort of
SEO tips for Google image searching
SimCity coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch
Skeleton, a bare bones WordPress theme
Smartphone wars heat up – HTC Dream and Blackberry Storm
Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1
Sony’s new all in one desktop, the JS1
Space below images in Firefox and email newsletters
Space Monkey for the iPhone, iTouch is free for a limited time
Spam is bad, why is telemarketing not treated the same way?
Spore Origins for the iPhone/iTouch, a beautiful game
Star Wars: Clone Wars a dud?
Stop breaking my back button!
Stop diluting my mobile experience
Street Fighter 4
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Capcom, and other annoyances
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta June 25
Systemwide Gmail outage
Team Fortress 2 Statistics
The case for PS3 getting stronger
The Ender Quartet
The future of electronic paper – a flawed vision?
The HTC Touch Pro – Wow, I want it!
The iPhone review: a year and a half later
The Lives of Others
The mailto syntax; A comma may not work in Outlook Web Access
The secrets to using custom web fonts
The Simpsons Movie
The wait is over, decision made, a shiney new iPhone
The World Without Us
The Zombie Journal is finally ready
The Zombie Survival Guide
Top 10 games of 2007
Top 10 geek sites of 2007
Toronto Firefox Launch Party
Turning a Wii Remote into a Minority Report style input device and virtual reality
Twitter manga mania with FaceYourManga
Twitter vomit—a great way to get removed
Two geeks in the woods
Usability — the date is very important
Using custom CSS and Javascript in WordPress posts
Using Twitter for instant social news
Using WordPress custom fields for toggling plugins
Vista and Office woes
Vista knows when you should reboot
WALL-E, a movie I felt good about after leaving the theater
Watch the Skies – New Tor Science fiction site and Free e-books!
Websites that require a specific browser
What are Twitt(url)y and Twitturls? Twitter Search Engine too?
What’s better than Pinball?
When is free not free? Dishonest and misleading advertising!
When Mac OS X Exposé and screenshot capture stop working!
Where did all my Google traffic go?
Why am I so addicted to the web?
Why do my pages trigger quirks mode in IE6 or IE7?
Why Flash sites usually suck
Windows 7 and multi-touch
WordPress 2.5 media uploader fix
World of Goo will blow you away
World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
WWDC, iPhone mania, and other smartphones
Xbox 360 Dashboard update
Xbox 360, Microsoft punches its users in the face again!
Xbox free arcade title announced
Xbox Live, what are we paying for? Could the tides change?
Yahoo! mail paragraph spacing still broken
You Suck at Photoshop
You Suck at Photoshop – More hilarious YouTube videos
Your iPhone bill in Canada
Zen Coding – a new way to write HTML lightning fast
Zombieland, quite possibly the best movie of the year