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14 killer web design and development tools for the Mac

Web Design ToolsHere are 14 must have web design and development tools for the Mac that I use on a daily bases. Many of these applications are also available on windows, and the ones that are not have alternatives. These tools can make your life easier and optimize your workflow. Unless the word “demo” is included in the download link, most of these apps are Open Source or just plain free.

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15 Awesome web design & development sites you should know about

Top SitesThis is a small list of invaluable websites I use to further my knowledge of everything web and to help out with inspiration, tools, resources and tutorials. It’s a list not aimed at any one facet of web design and development, but the many facets and processes that make a website possible.

It is becoming more and more important to at least have a basic understanding of all the information that goes into making a fantastic website. Knowing limitations and pushing those limits makes web design and development fun, interesting, and challenging. If you work in this field you probably already know that web work is all about constantly learning new technologies, tools, tips and tricks.

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