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Galcon Labs: The sequel to Galcon and the next must have iPhone game

Galcon LabsPhil Hassey, the creator of the incredibly popular and addictive multi-player game Galcon, for the iPhone and iPod Touch has surprised us with a new game today, Galcon Labs. The game is still really Galcon at it’s core, but there are four new game types, new music, and loads of polish on this baby. The original Galcon is arguably one of the best Multi-player games available on the iPhone.

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Flight Control, another great little iPhone game

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best iPhone games are the ones that meet two criteria. First they are extremely simple to learn and second they lend themselves well or are specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Case in point, Flight Control by Firemint. This game meets both these criteria and it’s super addictive. With a price point of 1 dollar (soon to be 3 dollars) you really can’t go wrong.

Flight Control Screenshot 1

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SimCity coming to the iPhone and iPod Touch

EA mobileOne of the most innovative and ground breaking games of it’s time is coming to the iPhone and iPod touch. Rumour has it that SimCity should be submitted to the iTunes store tonight, but as of writing this it’s still not up. EA mobile’s Craig Law released 3 screenshots pictured below of the new game. It looks like it’s the SimCity 3000 engine, or very similar and Craig has also posted this on the EA mobile Twitter account

Audience is asking about how different SimCity for iPhone than SimCity for PC. It’s the same!!!

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One of the most addictive iPhone games to date?

The Apple app store seems to be full of so called killer iPhone apps, but it’s usually not until you download and try them that you realize the longevity you thought existed does not. The same goes for iPhone games; I’ve downloaded both free and paid iPhone games only to find that the ones I thought would have longevity just didn’t, while others turned out to be real winners. One such app is a game for the iPhone called Galcon. When I downloaded the lite version of this a month ago it was the last game I thought I would become addicted too.

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What’s better than Pinball?

Pinball TablesI know, many of you are probably thinking “Nothings better than pinball!”. Well how about unlimited Pinball, how about a Pinball tournament? Okay, I think I have sealed my geek status for life now. Anyway, this weekend I went to a Pinball tournament and it was way fun. The entrance fee was 20 dollars and all the tables (a lot) were set up to play for free, no quarters needed. A friend and I spent the better half of a day just flipping away at little steal balls.

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World of Goo will blow you away

Today I happened to run across an article on a DRM free game called World of Goo and how even though it has no piracy protection it is being pirated at about the same rate as games with protection. Nothing new here, people have been saying that for years. Anyway, the screen shots perked my interest so I decided to download the demo. I knew that less than half way through the demo I would be purchasing this game. First it’s an independent game and I like that. Second the developers don’t believe in punishing their legitimate customers with stupid copy protection that only annoys the end user who paid for the game. And third, the game is freakin fantastic and totally original, so lets get on with the freakin fantastic part.

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An addictive little iPhone game call Lux Touch

Lately we are seeing more cool little games coming out for the iPhone/iTouch. My iPhone is now becoming my primary hand held gaming device, in fact it is becoming my only device for everything. The other day I saw the free app Lux Touch while surfing the iPhone app store. It looked like a Risk clone, so I had to download it. Although I have never played the real Risk board game, I have put many hours into digital versions including the fantastic Conquer Club web based Risk clone (warning, if you like risk or strategy games going to this site could be dangerous). So when I saw an iPhone Risk clone I got pretty excited.

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Space Monkey for the iPhone, iTouch is free for a limited time

Tonight I was browsing the top free downloads and noticed Space Monkey in second place. This was originally a $9.99 game, but right now it is temporarily free from the Glu developers (Update: Space Monkey is no longer free, but it looks like it’s now 99 cents, still a great price). This is why it’s always a good idea to check out the top free apps every few days, because a lot of apps start out free and then cost money later on. Sometimes they will also go on sale or as in the case of Space Monkey go completely free.

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Spore Origins for the iPhone/iTouch, a beautiful game

SporeIt’s nice to see the list of big name games growing for the iPhone/iTouch, not that the independent games aren’t sometimes just as good. Game industry leaders like John Carmack have already said that the device is a very powerful hand held device for gaming.

Today I caved and bought Spore for my iPhone. I almost didn’t want to, given the outrage over the PC version of Spore and it’s draconian DRM protection, it’s just unacceptable and that’s no way to treat your paying customers. Again the legitimate users lose and the pirates get a DRM free version. Anyway, back to Spore for the iPhone.

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Asus Eee Stick game controller and Wii like pointing devices

Eee Stick MotionEver since I bought a Wii I have been wondering why no one has hopped on the Wii like pointing device bandwagon. I rarely use my Wii but I love the Wiimote, I find it really excels at relaxed web surfing. What do I mean by relaxed web surfing? I mean laying back on your couch with a wireless pointing device and surfing YouTube or your favourite daily websites. The downside to Wii web browsing is the standard definition screen which makes surfing blurry and text hard to read.

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