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IanMy name is Ian Hoar and I like to talk and write about current web trends, design, usability, technology, toys, games and gadgets. I’m all about totally geeking out and occasionally letting off some steam with an occasional rant.

I have been a part of the web community since 1996 when I launched my first website on Geocities. Since then I’ve launched many personal sites and I’m a full time web designer / programmer.

What’s the goal?

The goal is to share tips and tricks and write more in depth tutorials. Main focuses are design and web programming, but you will also find other tidbits from time to time.

Have questions or need help?

I always try to answer all questions posted in the comments throughout my blog so feel free to ask when something I have written doesn’t quite make sense and I’ll do my best to answer you. You can contact me directly, but if you have questions about an article on this site please keep it in the comments, this way others can benefit from the answers and discussion posted. Please contact me with ideas or suggestions. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Still need more in depth help with a project? You could always hire me.

Other sites

My personal portfolio resides at imhMedia. You can also follow my recent foray into sailing at Wind and Sail. Are zombies more your style? Drop by The Zombie Journal and read and share stories.

More super secret projects are still on the horizon, little things like world domination, but now is not the time to reveal these thoughts.