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My newest website

ThemePassionOver the past few months I have been working on a new project. I really wanted to try something different, something I personally enjoy. I find writing about anything you are not actually passionate about can be a real drag, so with that in mind, I picked a topic I knew I could write well for, get excited about and stay motivated for. With that said it’s time to reveal my newest website ThemePassion.

ThemePassion is all about premium themes of course, but more precisely, themes for content management systems, most of which are Open Source CMS projects. Right now there are well over 100 theme reviews on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Magento, ExpressionEngine, OpenCart, phpBB, standalones and Photoshop. It’s taken about 3 months to compile all these, and the list keeps growing daily. So far the site has been a success and I’ve grown my readership faster than with any site in the past. Theme builders love to have more exposure, and the great thing about ThemePassion is that I only write positive reviews — I don’t believe there would be any value in people wasting time on themes that look ugly. These are all themes that I personally think look fantastic and in some cases really raise the bar.

ThemePassion itself is based on a template from Elegant Themes, a fantastic theme provider and probably the best value on the market at the time of writing. This was a hard decision for me as I have always built the themes myself for every iteration of this blog and I am quite capable of building and designing my own WordPress template. The issue was time, I wanted to get started, and really what better place for a premium theme than on a site about premium themes. The site is a grid layout so you can easily glance over all the thumbnailed screenshots for each review. The reviews themselves are short, but every one is written by yours truly.

The review process has really exposed me to a variety of designs in a very short time. In the future I plan on releasing some of my own themes through ThemePassion. Viewing beautiful themes every day really lights a fire in you. I would also like to provide more tutorials here on this site with whatever valuable lessons I learn along the way.  So if you are into themes or great design, I invite you to peruse ThemePassion, and if you have any ideas or advice, feel free to get in contact with me.

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