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Flight Control, another great little iPhone game

I’ve come to the conclusion that the best iPhone games are the ones that meet two criteria. First they are extremely simple to learn and second they lend themselves well or are specifically designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Case in point, Flight Control by Firemint. This game meets both these criteria and it’s super addictive. With a price point of 1 dollar (soon to be 3 dollars) you really can’t go wrong.

Flight Control Screenshot 1

Perfectly adapted to the touch screen

In Flight Control you are an air traffic controller. You are charged with one task; land everything on the screen without crashing. The game is probably one of the most simplistic yet challenging games I’ve played on my iPhone.

There are different types of aircraft that you must land by drawing paths on the screen with your finger to the appropriate landing spots. Small planes land on the small runway. Medium and large sized planes land on the large runway. Helicopters land on the helipad. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Well, it is, for the first 60 seconds. Remember that helicopters fly insanely slow while larger craft fly faster depending on their size. This makes for total chaos once you have more than 10 craft on the screen at once.

Flight Control Screenshot 2

The game comes with a stats screen which is nice since this game is really always about beating your previous highest stats. It also keeps a tally of your total aircraft landed. I’ve put in a few hours of my work commute into this title including a bit of time on my couch. We need to see more games like this for the iPhone and iPod touch platform. Games that are designed with the touch screen in mind.

3 Comments to “Flight Control, another great little iPhone game”

  • Alex

    Hi Ian, thanks very much for your thoughtful review! Great to have your feedback, and good to hear you enjoy Flight Control 🙂

  • Ian

    Thanks for the great game, I’m still hooked. Hope there will be updates in the future. 🙂

  • Rob from Firemint

    The first update has been submitted. Hopefully it will go live very shortly. It includes a number of connected features including location based leaderboards.

    We are also working on a second update which will include some more airports and aircraft.