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Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Google released Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch today. I’m a huge fan of the PC version of this great application and have killed many hours traveling this virtual world known as Earth. If you have never tried out Google Earth then I highly recommend downloading it now. You can view the entire planet in 3D, see photos, read Wikipedia entries and download different data overlays. This only scrapes the surface, but it’s an incredible application, and best of all, it’s free.

So how does Google Earth hold up on the iPhone? Well obviously it’s a bit trimmed down, but still much better than I thought it would be. You can see photos, Wikipedia entries and move around the earth in the typical intuitive Multi-touch way that we are all so used too. You can even twist two fingers to rotate, and if you tilt your device the accelerometer kicks in and allows an angled view so you can see the 3D surface of the Earth. You can also use the iPhones GPS to find your current location on planet Earth. The application runs fairly smooth on the iPhone, but I did notice a few hiccups which sometimes even happens on the full Google Earth.

I have taken several screenshots below. You can also check out the official Google announcement on the Google blog which also has video, but the application is free, so check out the app store and get it now.

Toronto via GPS.

Wikipedia entry via iPhone Google Earth

Mount Everest in all its 3D glory

One Comment to “Google Earth for the iPhone and iPod Touch”

  • jules

    Just downloaded Google Earth for my iTouch. It *is* stellar! I am actually finding the graphich better than on my old Dell warhorse. I wasn’t even aware that my iTouch had GPS, until Google Earth zoomed in right to my house. I had to disable the *tilt-ability*…. tooo much vertigo for me 😉