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An addictive little iPhone game call Lux Touch

Lately we are seeing more cool little games coming out for the iPhone/iTouch. My iPhone is now becoming my primary hand held gaming device, in fact it is becoming my only device for everything. The other day I saw the free app Lux Touch while surfing the iPhone app store. It looked like a Risk clone, so I had to download it. Although I have never played the real Risk board game, I have put many hours into digital versions including the fantastic Conquer Club web based Risk clone (warning, if you like risk or strategy games going to this site could be dangerous). So when I saw an iPhone Risk clone I got pretty excited.

So how good is this game? Well, it’s pretty fun for a few rounds, but you will quickly find the AI is bad, and I mean real bad. Enemy AI will do idiotic things like destroy their entire army against the next biggest army leaving you to dominate the board. There are even times when the AI could easily take out an opponent and score their cards but does not for some reason. After playing a few times I find it hard to lose now, which is disappointing. There are also no game options that I could find and only the classic map is included.

The great news is the developers over at Sillysoft have plans for a more full featured version called Lux DLX which will have Harder computer AI, more settings and options and lots of maps, all features it desperately needs. The only down side is that the updated version will not be free, but it’s a game I’m sure I will fork out a few bucks for once it’s ready, for now I suggest trying out the free version, it’s still quite fun.

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