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Sony’s new all in one desktop, the JS1

Earlier this week I saw several articles on Sony’s new all in one desktop, and it really stood out. Sony’s new JS1 all in one desktop looks sweet, at least in the pictures. There is also a sister laptop, the NS1, but it’s the desktop that really made me drool.

You can see more pictures on Engadget of both the desktop and the laptop. I only wish I could get this sucker with Windows XP, I am not a fan of Vista. The desktop comes with a 500GB hard drive, 3GB memory, Wi-Fi,  built in camera, wireless keyboard and all the expected bells and whistles including high performance with the exception of a great grpahics card, you get the Intel GMA X4500HD. There are three models to choose from ranging in size from 20 to 25 inch. Here is a first look YouTube video.

Another thing that makes a setup like this great and no one gets this more than Apple is the clean look. Unfortunately, this baby will come plastered with tacky stickers all over it and these things are not fun to peel off. Why on earth they would do this to such a beautiful machine is beyond me, but this is the way every windows machine works. The same can be said for cellphone branding. How come apple is the only manufacturer that does not uglify their hardware? Here is the Sony Desktop uglified with tacky stickers.

Anyway, after peeling off the stickers and upgrading to Windows XP, this system should be pretty sweet. Will wait to see this baby in the stores, but I’m still leaning ever further towards a Mac these days. My next computer upgrade is still a ways off, but it’s nice to see windows machines getting the Apple type treatment.

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