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Facebook was redesigned and you don’t like it – Get over it!

FacebookLets face it, most of us hate change, even if it is for the better or in the form of progress. You hear it all the time with technology, “Oh who really needs that”, or “The Internet is a fad”. Sometimes it’s something smaller like oh… I don’t know… “I hate the new Facebook design!“.

Like it or not here it comes

This week Facebook is in the process of migrating all of it’s users over to the new design whether they like it or not, and right now there is a lot of kicking and screaming going on. Anyone who reads my blog regularly knows I love a good rant, but I don’t really get it this one.

I switched to the new Facebook when it was optional and never switched back. One of my biggest beefs with the old Facebook was how narrow it was. It was smaller than any site I visit and there was really no need for it, it’s not 1999 and there are mobile versions for smaller hand held devices. As for usability, I never really got the old or new design and still have trouble finding things, but I’m not a power user of Facebook. I’m sure if I used it everyday it would become second nature to me as will this new design for all the power users out there.

That said, protests are popping up all over the web over the past few days. Mashable has a list of 10 petitions you can sign and a way to temporarily get the old facebook back. So if that tickles your fancy check it out.

Take a deep breath

Will Facebook bow to pressure and change the design? Highly unlikely, this design probably took a lot of effort and research. The majority of people won’t care, and when you hear numbers thrown around like hundreds of thousands of people hate the new design, take it with a grain of salt. Lets not forget that this is Facebook, one of the most visited sites in the world with over 100 million active users worldwide, a few hundred thousand users is nothing, and even a million users is only 1%.

What I think will most likely happen here is people will have their little tantrum and then continue on using Facebook. Within a few weeks we won’t even remember the great Facebook protests of 2008.

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