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Microsoft’s second ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld a hit?

Microsoft’s second ad with Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld is out today. The first one didn’t do much for me, but this one is a lot better and after seeing it the first one also makes more sense as it kind of sets the stage for future installments. I’m now really curious to see where Bill and Jerry’s journey will lead them next. By the time this series is over I have a feeling we will be more attached to these two witty characters.

Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld

I think a lot of people want to dislike these ads because it’s Microsoft and of course it is to promote Vista, which I think is a disastrous OS. That said, I really like the second ad, and the first one is growing on me too. It’s also not only Jerry Seinfeld making these ads funny, Bill Gates is pretty cool too. One commenter nailed it, it’s just funny to watch two well known and accomplished people act silly. Will it make Vista any better? Probably not, but that doesn’t make these ads bad.

You can view the high resolution ads on Microsoft’s site, and they are in Flash instead of a windows format… wow!

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