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One of my favourite ugly sites gets a redesign: Delcious

DeliciousDel.icio.us version 2, which is now a dots free Delicious (I never used the dots anyway) was publicly launched today. For the longest time this was my favourite ugly site, and wow was it ugly before. It has been completely redesigned and it only takes seconds to appreciate the new design.


For those who don’t know, Delicious is a popular online bookmarking service. This means you can store and share all your bookmarks online and access your favourite sites from any computer or handheld device. I have stopped using web browser bookmarks all together since Delicious. The first time you use it you may wonder what all the fuss is about, but once you get used to the power of tagging you will wonder how you lived without them.

The redesign is very clean and the user interface has been tweaked nicely. Search is really fast, and it’s a lot easier to dig down into your tags. The number of bookmarks by other people no longer hurts your eyes; that pink was awful.

The best part about the redesign is that it looks fantastic, but at the same time it doesn’t leave its roots and veteran users should have no problems jumping right in.

Mashable has more info on the launch and the Delicious movie which illustrates the transformation from Del.icio.us version 1 to Delicious version 2 which is pretty cool. If you don’t have a Delicious account feel free to check out my bookmarks and then sign up and get your own.

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