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A message to the parasitic individuals of the web

We have all see it, spam messages in your email, spam on your phone, spam in your blog, forum, social media portal and chat windows. A quick search will show that unsolicited email accounts for 80-90% of the email we receive. This seems high, but a quick glace at my Gmail inbox currently shows a spam box with 3438 emails and Gmail deletes spam that is older than 30 days. By the way, Gmail has an incredible spam filter.

The sad part about all this is these losers are only a small portion of the people using the Internet, but a huge parasite on all of us. I would love to crawl into the dark and selfish mind of one of these people to see what makes them tick. These are the parasites of the web, and if it wasn’t the Internet they would find some other way to leech off of society, possibly through some other equally parasitic scam.

As I started writing this rant I heard of a news story about the Spam King. This is a man responsible for a whole lot of spam and was arrested and put in jail where he belongs. Unfortunately he escaped the minimum security facility and went home to kill his wife and his 3 year old daughter before turning the gun on himself. He also shot a teenage girl in the neck, but she managed to escape.

U.S. Attorney Troy Eid:

“What a nightmare, and such a coward, Davidson imposed the ‘death penalty’ on family members for his own crime.”

Source: globeandmail.com

Although the case above is an extreme example of spam gone horribly wrong, it shows the selfish mind set of an individual like this. This rant is directed at all these people; when I get spam I am always acutely annoyed, but none more so than with blog spam. Millions of bloggers around the world work hard to share free content with their visitors. Other people visit and post their thanks or even add to the conversation or debate. Then you come along and try to hijack our sites and paste useless garbage all over them. What’s even worse is the majority of garbage posted are scams and in the case of drugs sometimes downright dangerous.

I know this rant will most likely fall on deaf ears, but even if one person who is thinking about spamming reads this and changes their mind then it’s made a difference. Even if you are not a spammer, if you get spam don’t visit their sites and definitely do not ever give money to these people. You are only fueling them more. There are so many ways to add positive value to the web, and even earn money in a constructive way. Become a part of the great community that is the Internet, not a parasite.

2 Comments to “A message to the parasitic individuals of the web”

  • MudGirl

    I couldn’t agree more. Spammers are one of the lowest life forms. Great Blog BTW… Keep up the great work!