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WALL-E, a movie I felt good about after leaving the theater

WALL-EI don’t go to the theater very often. The main reason is that for the past few years not many movies have really done it for me. I walk away thinking it either sucked or was just okay, couple that with the high cost of admittance and you are left with a steaming pile of… well you get my drift.

I am a huge Pixar fan and WALL-E, Pixar’s newest movie totally caught me by surprise. I am not a movie buff by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s no surprise that I was out of the loop when I stumbled across the movie trailers one evening on the web. As soon as I saw the trailers I knew I had to see this movie.

WALL-E Rubix cube

In typical fashion without spoiling the movie with anything more than you would get from the trailers; it is a family science fiction film with a focus on the environment and what might become of it in the future. It’s probably one of the strongest messages I’ve seen in a Pixar movie to date. It’s touching at times and hilarious at others while always visually stunning—money and time well spent and I’m really glad I saw it in the theater.

One other interesting tidbit some people may not be aware of is that there are six vignette trailers online which are promotional and do not actually appear in the movie. I really recommend checking them out, you can find them on the Apple WALL-E trailer site.

Rotten Tomatoes has a 97% rating at the time of writing.

WALL-E Stars

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