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Rogers to offer 6 gig plan for $30 dollars until August 31st

iPhoneSo maybe all the protesting over at Ruined iPhone and other places on the web have paid off. The whole iPhone outrage even hit mainstream news media. Basically Rogers and Fido (which are the same company) will allow you to take a phone plan and add a $30 6 GB plan to it. This is a temporary “deal” you can buy into with a 3 year contract before Aug 31st. It is a much better deal, but a lot of people are asking why it’s only temporary?

I’m still skeptical; as I have mentioned in the past I don’t actually own a cell phone yet, although I follow the technology closely and try out phones whenever I get the chance. I am a geek and a gadget junkie, but still no cell phone. When I go on the Rogers site (don’t get me started on the horrible usability of that site, why do I have to keep telling them I live in Ontario, set a damn cookie!) I just can’t figure out the plans. Why are there so many? I just get annoyed and frustrated. I think programming a big web project is easier than figuring out the weirdness of Canadian wireless marketing. I think David McGuinty a Canadian MP sums it up well in this YouTube clip.

I do want an iPhone though, although I think I will wait things out a bit and see what happens next. There’s also news of a 32 GB version of the iPhone coming out in September, but there will always be a better gadget coming out just around the corner. I’m also still eyeing the HTC Touch Diamond and to a lesser extent Openmoko Neo FreeRunner.

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