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Bell undercuts Rogers iPhone plans for Samsung Instinct

After posting only yesterday A Canadian alternative to the iPhone, which was about the Samsung Instinct and the implications of a competitive pricing plan by Telus or Bell, news is out that Bell will be offering the Samsung Instinct with an Unlimited data plan. What does this mean for the much more expensive Rogers iPhone plan? If the instinct has a great web experience, I may be swayed. The Instinct also costs less to purchase than the iPhone and has two and three year plans. The Globe and Mail also says that an unlimited data plan will cost $10.

This really heats things up in the Canadian wireless space. Maybe Bell did not want to be lumped in with Rogers, or maybe someone is realizing that competition in Canada is coming and possibly even government regulation and now is the time to start impressing customers. Who knows, but this is definitely good news.

UPDATE: Telus will also be offering the Instinct and the HTC Touch Diamond with an unlimited data plan.

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