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Canadians ranting about Rogers?
How about supporting bill C-555

iPhoneThe web is on fire with angry Canadians and even sympathetic support from other countries on the Rogers iPhone pricing. One website that’s getting a lot of buzz is the ruinediphone.com petition. It had a much more colourful domain name earlier, but I’m assuming they realized it would gain more support with a less explicit name.

It really is amazing how a popular video, cool website or even an online movement can go viral and spread throughout the Internet like wild fire. As I was searching around tonight, I found something that really stirred my interest. Something that could have far more impact than the Ruined iPhone petition, because the issues on price gouging and misleading advertising go far deeper than the iPhone. It’s Bill C-555 which was actually proposed a few weeks ago.

An Act to provide clarity and fairness in the provision of telecommunication services in Canada

I particularly like this part of the bill.

(i) to provide accurate costs for data and voice services, including any caps, overage or roaming charges, before contracts are signed,

(ii) to discontinue the practice of describing consumer charges in arbitrary, confusing or misleading ways on invoices,

(iii) to stop locking cellular phones to a specific provider such that they cannot be used on another provider’s network,

(iv) to provide clear and accurate information with respect to network speeds and limitations on those speeds, including minimum, maximum, and average speeds obtained by customers, and

(v) provide clear and accurate information with respect to network management practices that reduce advertised speeds or interfere with the ability of consumers to access, use, send, receive, or offer lawful content, applications, or services over broadband networks;

Read the entire bill online. It’s actually fairly short and very concise. I think this style of Bill could be applied to a lot more than just the Telecommunications industry. I’m so sick of misleading and dishonest advertising. If you agree with the bill you can sign a Petition on the David McGuinty, Member of Parliment website.

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