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Firefox 3 Launch Party Video

Download Day 2008Still more Firefox 3 Launch Party news. Chris Luckhardt of motionblur studios was filming throughout the entire party which was hosted at the Mozilla Toronto Office. He has put together a YouTube video of some of the highlights and says…

I posed a simple question to the crowd – “What does Firefox mean to you?”.

For people who know me, yes that’s me near the end of the video, I forgot all about it. Great video Chris, thanks for sharing.

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2 Comments to “Firefox 3 Launch Party Video”

  • Chris Luckhardt

    Thanks Ian! In one of the earlier edits, your segment was in the middle of the video. I ended up moving to the end because what you said was concise and nailed it. I agree, the future of the web is open. 🙂

  • Ian Hoar

    Thanks, I’m glad I said something that made sense, it was late in the evening. Let’s hope companies Google and Mozilla can lead the way for a more open web and transparent corporate culture.