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Rogers iPhone data plan

iPhoneThere’s a lot of buzz in the blog sphere today about a leaked Rogers iPhone data plan. Prices are rumoured to be about 30 dollars a month for the data plan which will average 90 dollars once you add a voice plan. Top that with a 3 year lock in. Just think, the iPhone 5 will probably be out by the time your Rogers contract is up.

I don’t think I’ll be picking one up, but who knows, it might be hard to resist. I know Android phones are just around the corner, but they probably won’t have a much better data plan either if you live in Canada. A sweet spot for me would be around 60 dollars for voice and unlimited data, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. The only time I would use the data plan is during travel to and from work, so it’s hard to justify a lot of money on it, especially considering that in downtown Toronto their are lots of free wireless hubs.

WirelessNorth has more details, and has calculated that if these data rates are true it will cost around $3440 over the life of the contract.

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