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Geeks In Training officially launched

Geeks In TrainingA friend of mine has launched his long anticipated Geeks In Training website. It is intended to fill a niche in computer training for, as he says “the not-too-puzzled”. It strives to bring context to many of today’s technology challenges, the when and why you should be using a technology. It is not intended to be a bleeding edge site, nor is it for total beginners, it’s something in between for the every day geek, and a real geek is always in training. It will also help people who have started their training, but wish to take that final plunge into full Geekdom.

Eventually there will be more writers, and I hope to contribute in the near future. With so many technologies merging together we are being bombarded at every level. You may be an expert in one area, but you may need to bridge the gap to another that you are less familiar with, this is where Geeks In Training comes in. I really look forward to watching this site grow as it is still in the early stages of what will soon be something much bigger. I recommend reading the Welcome to Geeks In Training article for a more indepth overview of what the site is all about.

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