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Apple WWDC keynote

iPhoneWell the keynote is over, it focused almost entirely on the iPhone. Canada was mentioned in the list of countries soon to be graced by iPhones, and the Globe and Mail mentions it may be in stores as soon as July 11th. As a Canadian, right now I am sold on the iPhone, all I want to know is what the data plans are, that is the bottom line, the deal or no deal, come on Rogers, the people want to know.

The new iPhone really focuses on new apps, and lots of them. Apple is also aiming for business users, so there is functionality around email and calendar syncing. They also showed off a number of games and other cool apps. It is G3 as rumoured, there is a black and a white one, and it will be a lot cheaper than the first iPhone. $199 USD for the 8 gig and $299 USD for the 16 gig. The .mac service is now called MobileMe, has a free trial and will cost $99 a year.

The Apple iPhone website is now updated with the new iPhone, there’s also a new iPhone ad.

2 Comments to “Apple WWDC keynote”

  • Jian Adornado

    I knew you’re gonna get it!

  • Green

    Well, it all comes down to the ongoing costs. Consumables mean everything in long-term planning and budgets, right? That’s why you see very few offices using inkjet printers for their central printing – the initial cost means nothing compared to the cost of the toner/ink and paper.

    For the mobile market, data plans are the consumable costs that we have to deal with, and that state of affairs is dismal in Canada for now.