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WWDC, iPhone mania, and other smartphones

iPhoneThe web is abuzz about the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday and the new iPhone. Rumours have been zipping around and range from the size of the new iphone to the colours that might be available.

This WWDC keynote is especially exciting for Canadians because all the rumours point to an iPhone in Canada shortly after the announcement. For those of you who don’t live in Canada, we still do not have an iPhone here. Of course there are still a lot of other considerations for Canadians since Rogers is the official iPhone carrier and only iPhone carrier at this time. They do not, nor do any other Canadian telecoms have a reputation for reasonably priced data plans and of course, what fun is an iPhone without a data plan?

If Rogers and Apple did create a fair data plan for Canadians then this could be the shake up that our telecoms industry needs. I hope we see prices drop around the board, because there’s no denying that the iPhone is cool, but there are a lot of other cool smartphones just around the corner. The first Google Android phones are supposed to be out in late 2008 and with HTC releasing sexy smart phones like the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, along with Blackberry’s slick Bold phone, one hopes there will be a lot to choose from in the coming months.

For me, the decision will probably come down to price. I really want to wait for an Android phone, but the lure of an iPhone and the uncertainty of when an Android phone might be available may sway me in favour of an iPhone. If the iPhone is too expensive however or the data plan sucks, then I’ll probably be able to hold out for an HTC Android enable phone or maybe even the Blackberry Bold.

For up to date information on the WWDC check out MacRumoursLive.com on Monday for live feeds on the event.

Steve Jobs will lead the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2008 keynote presentation at 10 am on Monday, June 9th. Live coverage will be provided on this site.

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