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The HTC Touch Pro – Wow, I want it!

HTC Touch Pro

I talked about the HTC Touch Diamond last month. I’ve also mentioned how I like the real tactile feedback of a physical keypad. Something the HTC Touch Diamond and iPhone lack. Well fear no more, the HTC Touch Pro has a full QWERTY keyboard.

This phone looks fantastic, I can’t wait to see it. The only real downside is windows Mobile, but with HTC on board with the Open Handset Alliance, one can assume we will see Google’s Android on these phones in the near future. More detailed info can be found at infoSync World or on the Official HTC Touch Pro website.

With so many great Smartphones coming out it’s hard to wait for the perfect one, but the HTC Dream has been demoed and this one is rumoured to have touch screen and full screen QWERTY running Android for release later this year. Gizmodo has more on the HTC Dream Android phone. Maybe I need to wait just a little bit longer, but with the release of the iPhone in Canada just around the corner it’s going to be tough.

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