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Street Fighter 4

Well I’ve been posting about Super Steer Fight II Turbo HD Remix; I thought I would also mention Street Fighter 4.

Street Fighter 4

Although this doesn’t get me quite as excited as the Remix version, it’s still pretty cool. I may not get to play Street Fighter 4 for awhile since this will be an arcade only title at first. I’m sure it will make it to the consoles soon after though.

The big problem for us in North America is in many areas the arcade is dead. It’s more of a place where junkies hang out than game geeks. I guess Arcades are still big in Asia, and Capcom has even mentioned that it will be hard to distribute in North America. I’m not sure I would even want to go to an arcade to play, but I will wait in eager anticipation for a console version.

There are some great screenshots at Gamersyde and some trailers of it in action at Gamtrailers. The screenshots sadly do not get me near as excited as the Remix versions though. I find the characters a little too bulky and chunky, but this is of course still a work in process.

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