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Neato site of the month – The Steampunk Workshop

I’m going to start posting a neato geeky site every now and then and the site I’m posting now definitely fits the bill. It’s The Steampunk Workshop. The sites description is…

“Wherein the craftsman demonstrates the construction of artefacts from an age of steam and brass.”

Steampunk Keyboard The site contains a lot of modern gadgets that are redesigned in a steam and steel era design. When the site was brought to my attention it was a link to a keyboard mod. It contains photos and a step by step guide of a computer keyboard that is meticulously transformed into an old fashioned type writer.

The site is full of videos and step by step walkthroughs of how the steampunk gadgets were created. A quick search on the term steampunk brings up an interesting Wikipedia entry on the origins of the term. It usually refers to modern technology appearing at an earlier time when the world was run on steam power. It also goes on to say that steampunk is often associated with cyberpunk, but with an obvious time period difference.

This site is definitely surf time well spent, as is the wiki entry and who knows, it might inspire you to create something yourself, I know it got me thinking.

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