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Diary of the Dead

Being the huge Zombie Geek that I am, I had to post this late news. I knew George A. Romero was working on Diary of the Dead, but I didn’t really follow it or realize how far along it was, it’s scheduled for release this month on the 15th.

He has an official MySpace site up where you can get details on the film. Diary of the Dead was independently produced, but it will be released by Dimension Films. He’s also running a video contest where people can submit their own Zombie shorts which could be included in the final DVD release of the movie. I’ve checked a few out and some are pretty cool. He will be judging them himself, and said that he’s really hard to scare.

The movie was already played at the Toronto Film Festival, how do I miss these things. Anyway, check out the site. I’ll probably go and see this when it comes out and post my thoughts.

I’ll also be posting a review of the book I am currently reading World War Z, a fantastic book by Max Brooks, writer of the Zombe Survial Guide.

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