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Duke Nukem Forever (and Ever)

Yesterday 3D Realms released a Duke Nukem Forever teaser trailer. For anyone who has followed the Duke Nukem Saga, this will mean pretty much nothing. Maybe Duke Nukem will come out in a few years, maybe it won’t, I’m sure no one is holding their breath. The funny thing is, it’s listed for the PC and Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 didn’t even exist when this game started development. In fact, the original Xbox did not even exist when Duke Nukem was originally announced in April 1997.

Another funny note is the posting about the new teaser,

“As promised yesterday (actually an hour earlier than promised), we are proud to finally bring you an all new teaser trailer for Duke Nukem Forever.”

Actually an hour earlier than promised! That’s just classic! Did 3D Realms purposely choose the name Duke Nukem Forever knowing full well it would actually take forever? I think the brand value of Duke Nukem is still pretty strong, a lot of us 30 pluses played Duke Nukem as kids, and if it stayed true to its roots of total cheesiness it could be pretty cool.

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