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Top 10 geek sites of 2007

Here is my personal top 10 geek sites of 2007. Behold…

  1. Wikipedia wikipedia.org
    I find myself spending way too much time on this site. I would go so far to say that next to Google this could possibly be one of the most important sites on the web today.
  2. Gametrailers www.gametrailers.com
    This site has basically single-handedly become my number one gaming site. HD game video’s daily. Nothing says you’re a geek like “WOAH Gametrailers has the new Grand Theft Auto trailer up, I think I wet myself”.
  3. A List Apartwww.alistapart.com
    With a tag line like “For people who make websites”, you know they have to be hard core purists.
  4. Slashdotwww.slashdot.org
    This list would be incomplete without Slashdot. Need to get bent out of shape about something, you can do it here.
  5. del.icio.usdel.icio.us
    The best online bookmarking / sharing site. It’s ugly, but it works great.
  6. Gizmodo www.gizmodo.com
    Fairly new on my list of frequently visited sites, but there is just so much cool “Stuff” on this site.
  7. Science Fiction Writer Robert J. Sawyer www.sfwriter.com
    Probably the best Canadian Science fiction writer at the moment. I’ve read almost every book he’s ever written and his site has a load of interesting reading. He also actively posts to his blog. Not a great looking sight, but content is king right?
  8. Bokardo Social Web Designbokardo.com
    Lots of insights into usability and social web design. Always an interesting read.
  9. Google Earthearth.google.com & maps.google.com
    About once every three to six months I end up downloading an upgrade for this incredible free software and it just keeps getting better. This is Google Earth, and it’s time well wasted. When you can’t be running Google Earth, there is always the slimed down Google Maps.
  10. Neatorama www.neatorama.com
    Another fairly new one on my list of frequently visited sites, this site is just loaded with the kind of things you forward to friends. Every day it has more neat stuff.

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