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iPhone in Canada, When!

There’s a tonne of articles discussing the lack of an iPhone in Canada. Out of all the gadgets I want and follow, Apple’s new iPhone has become my mission; I want one. I know I can buy a hacked one, but that costs a lot, and at the end of the day I would rather just have it work without me having to do anything to it.

This is one of my most anticipated gadgets. I don’t have a cell phone of any kind and never had, so the iPhone will be my first cell phone. Hopefully when we do finally get it, it will be the newer model and reality will have set in with the major telco’s in Canada that our wireless broadband is too expensive. If the broadband costs too much, I won’t be getting one, because the ability to surf the web anywhere is a major selling point for me. I think handheld web surfing is about to explode. I feel that in about five years from now we will all wonder how we ever lived in a world without wireless Internet anywhere.

I won’t post the rumors, there are enough sites for that already, but I’ll keep posting on any facts I find, and if and when I get one, I’ll post all the info here. Read up on the rumors at iPhone Info and the MacRumors iPhone section. There are also a lot of Canadian specific rumors about Rogers, Apple and the iPhone trademark issues.

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