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The case for PS3 getting stronger

When the PS3 first came out it was a bit of a joke; insanely expensive and very few games. Even today there are very few good exclusives. Everything worth playing on it is usually available on other platforms. That is probably all about to change, but aside from the PS3 finally getting some great titles and more exclusives in 2008, there are many other reasons I am considering a PS3.

The Xbox 360 has a great online experience and the dashboard is nicely done, but when you play in Microsoft’s world you play only in their world. You are locked down and held by the hand at every step of the way. The 360 can sort of play movies if you jump through hoops. It was only last week that they added Divx support, but with no ability to read NTFS external drives, it’s still a no go for some of us. The nice thing about the PS3 is you can install another OS! You can surf the web in HD through the PS3 browser or the OS, something I truly wish I could do with the Wii browser.

Right now I have a big old clunky PC sitting on the floor to play movies and music. It’s basically my media center and I would love to get rid of it. It’s big, it’s ugly, and it’s slow. Sleek media center PC’s are available, but they are rather expensive, and do both more and less than I really need. This is when I started thinking about the PS3. I can have Linux on there, play movies, listen to music, surf the web in Linux or the built in PS3 browser, and check email. I may even be able to get my beloved Wii Remote working on the Linux install. Now you can use a mouse in some games like Unreal Tournament and even mods. It just seems like the PS3 is becoming a lot more flexible than the 360.

That said, Sony has made many blunders in this round of the console wars, but I am a game junky and a geek, and it’s looking more and more like the PS3 could be the answer to get my fix of more games, and more custom online capabilities. At the very least it will be fun to play around with it.

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