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The Ender Quartet

I finished the final book in the Ender Quartet by Orson Scott Card over my vacation. I read the first three back to back and the final one a few weeks later. Wow is all I have to say, this is Science Fiction at its most epic. The books in order are Ender’s Game, Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind. Ender’s game is the intro to Ender’s life, one of the main characters and lays the foundation for future novels as the following three propel the story way into the future. Ender’s Game won the Hugo and Nebula for best novel and Speaker for the Dead also won the Hugo and Nebula for Best novel, no small feat.

As usual, I don’t want to give away anything, and I would strongly recommend avoiding reviews if you have not read the series. Just knowing that there are four books is enough, knowing anymore would give away far too much. If you feel like a fantastic journey into a world of memorable characters and vivid adventures then pick up these books, or just start with Ender’s Game. The books are really about what it is to be human, both the good, the bad and the horrible. Card leverages a lot of the stories from real history. Full of hope and sadness, these are a must read for any Science Fiction fan, and if you are not a fan of Science Fiction, don’t let that hold you back either.

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