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Phytosphere book review

I recently finished reading Scott Mackay’s Phtyosphere. Without giving too much away the synopsis goes something like this.

Mackay has created a twist on the typical alien invasion. The world is fairly advanced and humanity has colonized the Moon, and Mars and has peppered the solar system with satellites. Aliens have also made contact and have been negotiating with the government for several about immigration rights to earth. The aliens claim to be non-violent, but after years of negotiations fail to accomplish what they want, they encrust the earth in a large dark green shroud, aka the Phytosphere which covers the earth in an eternal night.

In a race against time, two scientists, one on Earth and one on the Moon search for a way to destroy the Phytosphere and return sunlight to earth.

This book is an exhilarating read and was addictive right from the start. You just can’t put this book down. I am a huge fan of dystopian/post apocalyptic fiction and science fiction. This book’s got both in large supply as you follow the lives of the scientists and their families as they struggle to survive the anarchy that follows the darkness. Scott Mackay delivers one suspenseful impact after the next, and this is what keeps the pages turning as you sit on the edge of your seat throughout the book.

It is also pretty dark, so it may not appeal to everyone. Although for the most part not intensely graphic in its depictions, it illustrates the depravity and degradation of man under extremely harsh circumstances and it does this extremely well. We also get a healthy dose of Science Fiction and that’s a good thing.

I highly recommend this book. Check it out at Amazon

Visit Scott Mackay’s official site.

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